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Welcome to El Dorado Hills Natural Farms!

We are located at: 1941 Old Bass Lake Rd., El Dorado Hills, CA

El Dorado Hills Natural Farms is the only chicken, fruit and vegetable farm on the western slope of El Dorado County and we’re very excited to be bringing farm fresh eggs and nutritious agricultural products to your kitchen table!

Our 10 acre farm benefits from its great tasting water, an abundance of sunlight and the fertile soil of its rich farming past. With a proud heritage as a large dairy farm in the early-to-mid 1900’s, it is well suited for today’s agricultural renaissance.

grass fed angus beefWe follow all-natural pest and weed control methods to provide the most nutritious pesticide-free products available. We feature over 40 types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries in addition to raising free-range chickens for farm-fresh eggs.

Additionally, we are striving to be earth-friendly in all we do. We use predominately recycled materials throughout our farm operations and compost our agricultural and chicken waste providing fresh organic nutrients to our soil.

Make us your first or your last destination stop whether visiting Apple Hill, the wonderland of Lake Tahoe or traveling to and from the Bay Area. Bring a lunch and picnic at the farm. Spend some time feeding the chickens and learning about farming. You’ll love the rustic farm setting and picturesque views throughout the property.

Our friendly staff, delicious eggs, fruits and vegetables will keep you coming back for more throughout our growing seasons!

Your local farmers – Rob & Robin Day and Doug Hus

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ZX4 Insuranc Services

Zx4 Insurance Services is proud to be a sponsor of El Dorado Hills Natural Farms. View Sponsors area to find out more!

Organic, all-natural or conventional produce...what is the difference? What is El Dorado Hills Natural Farms?

Although we are not certified organic through the USDA we do follow the same farming methods as any organic farmer. We are opposed to conventional farming practices that include synthetic insecticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. We prefer organic methods, which generally means more time and more expense to realize our harvest, but the benefits are well worth it.

For the consumer the trade-off in choosing our produce and for that matter any organic produce is they don’t always look as pretty and they spoil quicker than conventional produce. However, many believe the nutritional value, flavor and perceived health benefits far outweigh their odd shapes and spoilage calendar.

For more information about the differences in farming methods and some discussion on organic, all-natural and conventional foods visit this link: Organic vs Conventional Farming

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